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Lollipop Disaster!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by kitwms, Apr 16, 2015.

  1. kitwms

    kitwms Newbie
    Thread Starter

    After today's upgrade, I have completely lost both the Google Play Store icon and its App!! After the upgrade they just disappeared. I tried adding the GPS icon to a screen but it is NOT in my list of Apps!

    I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 using the Go Launcher v.Z on Verizon. The other details folks smarter than me might need are: Hardware v. N900V.07, Build # LRX21V.N900VVRUEOB6, & Android v. 5.0.

    Naturally, I need the Google Play Store icon to download a new app or update an existing one, I've tried using a browser to go to GPS (play.google.com) but -- guess what -- they don't have an app for Google Play Store!!! And, the website doesn't seem to provide any way to upgrade an app.


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  2. dan330

    dan330 Extreme Android User

    try a battery pull.. let it reboot.

    I have heard that a Hard rest .. will clean up all issues.
    but it will also delete everything.. put the phone back to stock, but with lollipop as the version.
    (MGHT leave all user files alone: pics, videos.. and etc.. )

    So backup all important data before you do this.. just in case
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  3. evohicks

    evohicks Android Expert

    This is good advice, I always to a factory reset after installing a major update, I know it's a pain sometimes but I think it's definitely worth it.
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  4. dynomot

    dynomot Android Expert

    Yes a factory reset should solve any issues. A pain, but worth it.
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  5. kitwms

    kitwms Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Thanks, everyone for the advice. So, I spent two days backing up everything, factory reset and then rebuilding. Mumble-grumble. Now I got the icons back that had disappeared, BUT ... I cannot finds SHORTCUTS. I've had several set up to dial and/or text good friends and family, but I can't find them anymore. I use GO Launcher EX but could always use it to set them up. I don't know if GO took that to the pro (paid) level or if Lollipop took them away. Help!

    Shortcuts is the best feature of Android that makes iPhone users jealous IMHO!
  6. johnpjackson

    johnpjackson Android Enthusiast

    Factory reset wipes out ALL customization, user data, etc. Imagine what your phone would be like on the day you purchased it, new from the factory, before configuring anything on it at all. That's what factory resetting any time afterwards returns the phone to.

    If you are using add-on apps for anything (GO Launcher EX, etc.), then you'll have to install them again too, and configure them anew.
  7. kitwms

    kitwms Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Figured it out. With GO launcher EX, you get to their Edit button, and press Widget (now who woulda guessed that?!), then press Shortcut and on its 2nd page there is Direct Dial and Direct Message. I may even experiment with setting up Shortcuts to Playlists! Sounds fun!
  8. dan330

    dan330 Extreme Android User

    launch into the "regular" androids home screen... NOT Go Launcher.
    then try to create your shortcuts that way. It should be there.
    then you know it is the Launcher.

    to delete GO Launcher from "defaults"
    Hold the home button
    at bottom left.. select the pie
    at top right.. select "defaults"
  9. kitwms

    kitwms Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Actually -- although lots of it was very frustrating (my first major upgrade!) -- I was amazed with the factory reset, that my Note3-Verizon sat there downloading apps automatically for about 15-20 min. It reloaded every app I had including the GO Launcher! I still had to dig through Settings and do my own version of everything and hunt for some new stuff but after that 2-day ordeal -- as I said above -- it's all pretty much all back to normal. Thanks for all the advice, guys!

    P.S. In all my researching on the 'Net, I even found the Lollipop Easter Egg. Go to Settings>About phone and tap quickly several times on where it says "Android version 5.0", then tap a few times on the cartoon lollipop finishing with a long press and you've got a crazy game!! Get the Android Guy between the lollipops! Crazy!
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