Long Time Lurker, First Time Poster.


I've lurked on this forum for a long time but decided to finally make my first post after changing carriers and phones. I started out in the world of Android (and first smartphone) with the OG Motorola Droid. I was about to finish my contract with Verizon until they pulled a stunt on me and changed my plan so that I lost my grandfathered unlimited data and had unwanted services added without my approval. Looking to move into the world of prepaids anyway I picked up an Optimus V, ported my number over to Virgin, and couldn't be happier with the hardware (the coverage isn't as good but for $35 a month I won't complain).

I had CM7 on my Droid but with the new V I don't feel the need to slap a new ROM on it. Root access, AdAway, TiBu, and Link2SD are good enough for me.


Android Expert
Welcome to the forums! I'm glad you are happy with your device. Since you've been a long time lurker, I'm assuming you know were everything is. :)

I'll see you around!