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Longtime Blackberry User - Now Android Believer

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by tomwatez, May 21, 2010.

  1. tomwatez

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    Just dropping by to say hello, been with Balckberry back and forth for about 6 years, starting with the old text type pagers toi the recently retired storm 2, storm 1, tour, curve 2, curve, 8800 we, pearl, 8700 and so on. Also dabbled in Winmo 6.0-.5 with a Touch Pro 2 and older models. I have tried the moto droid when it first came out, wasn't for me transitioning from the touch pro II and Storm at the time, tried the eris as well at the same time was not a fan, however I did prefer the htc format over the moto form. I picked up a Incredible last week and will not turn back am thoughoughly enjoying this handset and it has became a big part of my everyday life I don't think I ever put it down but to charge it and sleep.
    Yes its the first thing I grab in the morning to check the news, facebook, and of course work emails.

    -Cheers HTC Android from here on out.

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