Looking for a bartending app with an "in my bar" feature



Seems like there's a lot of bartender apps out there, but I'm wondering if any have this specific feature. I've always dug webtender.com, because they had an "in my bar" feature: a page where you check off ingredients you have, and it then tells you all the drinks you could make.

Anything out there do that?


I was just talking to my wife about this idea.

I would like to see it go a bit further. The app should also ask if you have missing ingredients to make some common cocktails. For example....you tell it all the alcohol you have but forget to tell it you have milk or orange juice. If you have vodka it should ask "do you have orange juice?" Then you could make a screwdriver.


If there isn't an app that does this then I'll be amazed. I downloaded 1001 cocktails and couldn't believe that it didn't do it. Some developers must be so short sighted.


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Look for Cocktail Hero. I just tried it out, and it does show you drinks based on your inventory.

Great! It also shows if you can come really close to making a drink based on the inventory.

The only problem is it needs more options for the ingredients. I have way more stuff than is listed. But I suppose some kind requests to the developer could help that process.


Cocktail Flow is one bartending app in which you will probably find the feature where it will tell you what drinks can be made with what is available. It