looking for a "find the country" game


I'm looking for a particular game, no idea whether it exists for Android but can't really believe it doesn't exist.
The game shows a map of the world and then gives you the name of a country/city and you have to place a pin on the map and get points for being close to the actual location.
I found MapMaster, but that's capitals only and not world-wide, Map Game uses a Google Map and all you have to do is read the labels instead of knowing/guessing where it is.
Does anyone know whether such a game actually exists and if so, what it's called?


I have the full version of MapMaster and it is worldwide and container capitals, famous places and large US cities. The latest update also included online highscores wich made the game even better. / Kent


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The SPB Geo game isn't really what I'm looking for, and as said before neither is MapMaster.
Wonder why there's a number of such games for iphone but not a single (proper) one for android.