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looking for a good android for AT&T

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by xtoast, Oct 24, 2010.

  1. xtoast

    xtoast Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I am looking for an andriod phone I can use on AT&T and still get 3G data speed. I would prefer something that would slip under their radar that I can use on our family plan with the $10/month data rate. I am eligible for an upgrade but am tempted to switch carriers if the Droid experience would be better elsewhere.
    Thanks for any help

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  2. PinkMirrorKirby

    PinkMirrorKirby Well-Known Member

    I would go for the HTC Aria, which is quite buttery smooth on performance, and is compact enough too.
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  3. chrlswltrs

    chrlswltrs Extreme Android User

    The Droid experience is the best with Verizon and the Droid X or Sprint and the EVO. I would lean towards Verizon though as they seem to always have the best of the new phone releases and the best network though.
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  4. dan330

    dan330 Extreme Android User

    i am sorry.. what is it that you are trying to do???
  5. alextop30

    alextop30 Android Expert

    There is no way to slip past the system. To gain connection your device gives off its identification meaning the IMEI number using that informant AT&T can detect whether it is a smart phone.
  6. I also dislike AT&T's limitation of blocking installing certain non-market apps.
  7. PinkMirrorKirby

    PinkMirrorKirby Well-Known Member

    That is annoying, thankfully my Asian Aria version does not have the limit. (Probably because it is unlocked), over here, it is illegal to lock a customer's phone onto a Carrier/Service provider.

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