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Looking for a SIMPLE gps logger

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by tubular031, Dec 26, 2011.

  1. tubular031

    tubular031 Lurker
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    Ever used one of those GPS devices that came out in the late 90s? All it did was draw a line that followed the path you took and logged distance and speed. That is what I want. I DO NOT want it to tie into anything at all. I just want something that I can hit go and it will keep track of how far I went and how fast I was going.

    I had bbtracker on my bb pearl back in the past and that did exactly what I wanted.

    Anyone know something like this for the android? Everything I have found now wants to up load it to something and draw a pretty picture and twitter it to the world and share it with friends. I do not want or need it to do all that. Just draw a line and keep track of how far I have gone and how fast I was going along the path.

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  2. Hrethgir

    Hrethgir Android Expert

    Have you tried iMapMyRide? Sure, you CAN upload your maps and pictures and everything to Facebook and Twitter, but you don't have to. When I use it, I start it up, then once it locks onto the satelites and my position, I lock the screen, drop it in my pocket and go. Then when I'm done, I stop the track. It then asks if I want to upload it, and if I don't, I don't, and the track is saved. Maybe try My Tracks too. I have it but haven't really used it yet, but I think it might be just what you are looking for. And one of the pages on it is time, distance, elevation, speed, average speed, all that stuff. Anyways, it looks like it can upload too, but remember, just because it can upload doesn't mean you have to upload.


    My Tracks:

    And I haven't tried this one myself, but it might be good for you too:

    Open GPS Tracker:

    Don't know if any of these are as siple as you want, but I think they all do what you want with options to do more if you want them to later.
  3. 78michel

    78michel Lurker


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