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Looking for advice for old phone

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by DefStatic, Feb 1, 2016.

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    Hello there!

    So I have a few Android phone around my house, used a security cameras basically.

    HTC Incredible
    HTC Incredible 2
    HTC Desire (I think?)
    HTC One M7

    Everything runs fine for the most part. But I want them to run better and be more stable. The two Incredibles Have the biggest problems. One, because their batteries are garbage now and if they even lose power for a second they shutoff. But the other problem is all the bloatware and other garbage, and when it restarts it gets all sorts of errors because it can't connect to the carrier, and thinks I stil have voicemails and stuff.

    So I would like to wipe that all out and start from scratch, but have something a bit more updated. So I am starting with the original Incredible. All I really need is to be able to:

    Connect to Wifi
    Load IP Webcame
    Run it in Background
    Turn off screen

    And I don't need it to do anything else for the most part. That's all I care about. And I want it to be able to when it reboots itself do that reliably. While plugged in the entire time.

    Can I achieve this and if so how/what do I need? Or is there any advantage I could gain by doing this? Am I limiting myself by not updating the OS? I wonder if I should have put this in a general area.

    Or is there a better way to achieve this rather than root/unlock/ROM? Maybe a way to clean it up real good and run tasker? I mean, they all work for the most part. But for instance the Incredible 2 boots and there are like 5 errors from Verizon and it loads the app but keeps the screen on and I have to go turn off the screen manually. Or the HTC Desire, it takes about 5 minutes to boot because of the US Cellular crap LOL

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