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Looking for advice for those have exchanged their captivate for a new one

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by picklesNICKLES, Aug 3, 2010.

  1. picklesNICKLES

    Thread Starter

    I am hoping to exchange my launch captivate for a new model from a more recent shipment. The battery life is pretty bad and the GPS will not work no matter how many tricks I go through.

    So, for those who have exchange their phones for a new one, what have you said upon going into the store? I just want to be able to say the right things so that the store employees won't give me a hard time.

    Thanks again!

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  2. mongstradamus

    mongstradamus Android Expert

    I just got an replacement phone , and gps lock was pretty quick, but I also did an full restore of my old captivate and was getting same gps lock times around 4-5 seconds
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  3. I exchanged mine this Saturday. I just told them that GPS was spotty and I wanted a new one. I was within my 30 days so they don't really ask any questions.

    On the plus side - this one does lock faster and the battery is a LOT better!
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  4. fmichigan

    fmichigan Lurker

    Returned mine and got one that was shipped to the ATT store on 7/23 vs the first one I got which was delivered 7/15.

    GPS works now out of the box.
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  5. mongstradamus

    mongstradamus Android Expert

    did some more testing old captivate was taking 16 seconds to lock and new one took 8 i am just hoping new one will stay fast on the lock
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  6. MassacrMan

    MassacrMan Android Enthusiast

    Just tell them its a phone issue, you will get a new one for no charge and no restocking fee. Did that today and was outta there in 15 min.
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  7. picklesNICKLES

    Thread Starter

    Thanks for the replies!

    Since I'm well within the 30 days (like everyone else) hopefully things will go smoothly.
  8. dafthero

    dafthero Lurker

    i'm about to do the same thing. any suggestions for backing up my contacts, etc so that it's not a headache to put all that back in?
  9. mongstradamus

    mongstradamus Android Expert

    i alwasy just backed up contacts via google contacts but i know thats a messy way to do it
  10. lilbluu

    lilbluu Lurker

    did anyone try to exchange w/o unroot/not restoring? did they look through the phone to check for any of that stuff?
  11. pogiewun

    pogiewun Member

    for the people that replaced their phones for a new one, do you have to purchase all the apps that you paid for again?
  12. Loremonger

    Loremonger Well-Known Member

    I was wondering the same thing. I guess I could just back up my apk files before exchanging.
  13. Chew

    Chew Android Enthusiast

    Apps are tied to your Google account and not the phone.
  14. Gardenpapaya

    Gardenpapaya Newbie

    My story is the same as everyone else's

    I returned it said it , they didn't ask , much just enough for their records .
    As long as its in the 30 days you can pretty much return it for any reason.

    I was out in 10 minutes with a new ( much faster ) Captivate . I took my launch day model back due to stutter & lag mainly

    Im doing 3 complete drains / recharges of the battery before making any comments on battery life with this new one .

    PS : If you rooted and think you may get an overzealous AT&T guy , put a lock pattern on your phone and say you are returning it because it wont unlock ( conveniently inputting the wrong pattern each time ) .
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  15. Dieabolical

    Dieabolical Newbie

    I am going to exchange mine today as well. I got it immediately the day it was released, and the battery life has been poor. GPS hasn't been an issue at all, and has been working perfectly. The battery life, I cannot live with though. I tried everything: charge and discharge a few times, have ATK installed, and the screen isn't on most of the time. I am not a power user and it will be dead within 24 hours. Today, for example, I took it off the charger at 6:30am (full charge) and now its 10:30am with 80% battery left. I haven't done a whole lot today either.
  16. mota

    mota Lurker

    I think I'm going to that to mine today. I dropped mine and it scratched the back. I'm just going to tell them that its battery sucks and GPS is not working. some other shit like that. Only problem is I removed the ATT bloatware and don't really know how to put that stuff back on. But i don't think it really matters...
  17. Wakefield

    Wakefield Newbie

    Log into your google account. Search for the app and it will say "purchased" next to it. You can then re-download it
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  18. Dieabolical

    Dieabolical Newbie

    Do you think there will be a restocking fee if there is an actual issue with the phone? Moral wise, it should be no, but then again.....

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