Jan 14, 2013
All, I'm looking for a better way to track some health metrics that skips manual entry and has some features that I would like.

I'd like a blue tooth scale.
I'd like to track bike rides. Prefer to have Heart rate displayed. Currently I'm low talent rider, so I don't really need any of the fancy stuff the computes and displays power output ... I'm an aging guy who has renewed interest in improving my health (funny how cardiac bypass surgery can refocus your life!) Just so you know, I have a goal to bike 50 mile trips ... so not a casual ride but definitely not a world class biker here!

Currently mount my cell (S20FE) on my handlebars and I use the MapMyRide (by UnderArmor) ... haven't figured out a way to display heartrate on my phone. I do have a fitbit.
I'd like to track my sleep
Currently use a Fitbit Charge4
I'd like to track steps
Again, use the Fitbit Charge4
Bonus ... I'd like to track my BP ... I have a omron monitor

I'm really looking for complete Bluetooth connectivity and components that will talk with each other. I was shocked and surprised that I couldn't get my fitbit heart rate to display on MapMyRide years ago. So I just started tracking each piece separately. As another example, I track my weight by taking photos of my digital scale as part of my 'Solution' .... this has to stop! ha.

I'm hoping that things have progressed. But I get overwhelmed when there aren't coordinated solutions available.

I suspect that the hardest part of the puzzle will be the health app? This will be the cornerstone.

Certainly I'd love to use existing components, but am not against upgrades if they lead me to where I want to be. I think the lone exception would be any suggestion that I need to move to an iPhone based solution? I guess if it were the only way I'd consider it.

Thanks in advance for all helpful advice!
have you tried samsung health?

you can record your activities like walking/running, biking among many other activities. it can even map your route that you went on. it also can track your heartbeat......but i do not think it works with a fitbit. if you have a samsung watch than no problem. it will display your heart rate. its one of my main reason i got a samsung watch. and yes it will track your sleep as well. but i hate wearing anything on my wrist when i go to sleep.
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The Samsung Watch3 will do Steps, Exercise (cycling), Sleep, Heart beats per min, Stress level, Blood Oxygen, Calories burned, ECG, and Blood Pressure.. if you live somewhere besides the US or you are willing to join a medical study.
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Ok, thanks for suggestions ... I will start looking at the samsung watches. My fit bit was getting a bit dated! I appreciate the suggestions!