May 24, 2011
Ok i have a rooted nadroid (LG Vortex) running cyanogen7.
I stream music at work.
if charging while streaming the phone heats up because its using battery while charging battery

What i want is an app that will switch the phone to AC power when plugged in instead of using battery. so for instance if the phone is fully charged ot even 80% charged, the phone will STOP charging the batter when the app is started and start uning AC power instead.

I feel that this would extend battery life and allow me to stream without killing the battery or making it overheat.

Any thoughts, apps or sugestoions
I don't think Android SDK has an API that allow an app to ask Android device to STOP charging. Think about it, your intention is legitimate but if a devious developer want to make an app that purposely STOP charging, the consequences will be disastrous.
i know i could always just charge the battery, plug in the AC and then remove the battery, but thats what im trying to avoid. This COULD be a VERY useful app that would help to extend battery life, stop overheating of devices and allow the user more control over charging.

I cant believe that there is NO way to stop the phone from charging when plugged into AC power.
If you have done Android development you would know we develop based on SDK API Google gave us, I don't think they expose an API such that we can call to STOP charging. For apps that claim to do that, most likely require you to root or they use un-documented API.
looks like action_battery_changed is a bool that says if the battery is present. with root one could set that to not present and maybe it would stop charging..
I'm pretty sure the phones internals, processor screen and such already use the external power when plugged in. It's not charging the battery but drawing from it at the same time afaik.

Battery monitor widget can somewhat support this statement, it will show charging current. You can see what I mean with bmw if your battery's at a low enough point where it can accept the whole 1A of charging current most chargers put out (they charge at progressively less and less current once the available battery % is higher than 65-75%.)

So if your batt is 25%, you're plugged into a 1A charger with the screen on battery monitor widget would show about .85A/850ma charging current, phone's using 150ma of the 1A for powering the screen, radios, proc, etc. that's why you see chagring current at .85A/850ma instead of the full 1A/1000ma. Now if you start up an intense 3d game or better yet google earth it uses 3d rendering and gps at once, you'll see that charging current drop myuabe down as low as 400ma since google earth's power demands are using maybe up to 450ma of current from external.

The heat, all batteries get hot when charged and using your phone while plugged in is not a unique scenario that only you do, the engineers thought of this, it's almost surely fine. Li-ion/poly batteries all have a temp sensor inside and will shut off if it gets too hot. If you're still worried, google around to find out safe temps for phones/li-xx batteries and install battery monitor widget, it will show you the fahrenheit or celsius reading from the battery's internal temp sensor.