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Looking for app maker (overlay receive call)

Discussion in 'Android Development' started by tomshep, Jun 29, 2020.

  1. tomshep

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    at first sorry for wrong thread propably...

    I'm looking for developer to make very simple overlay window at receive call and to send calling phone number to my site for ex. example.com/check.php?number=XXXXXXX

    and the result is to get html table with clickable links (btw. is that possible to make nice look with css?) (default open chrome at phone) and show all this received info in overlay window, would be great to have:

    - slider to move content of overlay window if there is more content
    - small lock button to lock/unlock moving slider (optionally)
    - min. Android 7+ support or little bit higher
    - app option (not overlay) in menu to open also content from defined website full height (I mean also only table with dynamic data but bigger list)

    Need source code to change sometimes the URL to check etc

    Please leave your email or whatsapp, I will contact you asap
    I pay via paypal for stack of beers


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