looking for apple friendly android phone



I am searching for a new phone. Debating between samsung galaxy s and the HTC Desire one. I know there are some communication issues between macs and the phones. From the mac users perspective, which android phone (between them all) is the most friendly with Mac system?

thanx for any help


=Luceat Lux Vestra=
No place here at Android Forums is wrong.. perhaps slightly misplaced temporarily. ;)

Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy your new Android device.

As far as Mac friendly, I'm sure they're all equally compatible with the proper interface, apps and/or connectors, depending upon the tasks you need to do with them.


One bite at a time...
Unfortunately Apple devices and Android devices don't always get along well together... Sometimes things work well and other times not soo well. Best thing to do is to find one you like and give it a try. Most carriers provide 30 day return plans with new phones...