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Looking for apps for craigslist and weapons/gun

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by gmsmiles, May 23, 2011.

  1. gmsmiles

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    I have been told that there is an app out there for craigs list that will notify you when something is listed your looking for. The person that told me about it didn't know the name. Anyone know of an app that does this?

    I have also been told of an app from a non andriod user that saw a bunch of people using these two apps but doesn't know the names. The app made gun sounds and they were acting like they were shoting each other and others had a light saber app. Anyone know names maybe?

    Thank you to every anyone that helps!

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  2. A quick 5 seconds of searching the market for "craigslist", and the first app that comes up is called Craigslist by Notification.

    Gun Sounds or Real Gun sounds, and Lightsaber. Again, this took me less than 5 seconds to search in the market, something that you too could have done.

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