Help Looking for corroboration of lag issues/experiences of 'repair'/workarounds

I have a One V bought sim-free in January of this year from a major UK retailer, running on EE (Orange).

It has always been a bit temperamental as regards text messaging but of late has become nearly unusable. Conversations will not open, message app doesn't open at all, leaves you stuck in the white 'loading' screen forever, etc., etc..

What seems to be a related issue is the 'People' app doesn't want to load either and this is affecting my ability to start new conversations or make phone calls.

Often I get '... has failed to respond. A message has been sent to HTC to allow us to improve our service'.

On contacting HTC I was advised to try taking the battery out! Er...OK... how, since the battery isn't removable. They also advise a factory reset, which I dread because the whole thing just takes so long.

The only thing they offer is that I send the phone back 'for repair', but as I see any number of entries for this issue when doing an internet search, the problem seems to be worldwide with this phone and not restricted to my particular handset. I am loath to send back a phone in perfect physical condition and risk its loss or being damaged when the problem seems to be with the software of the phone. I suspect they will just do a factory reset and send it back.

Living on a tight budget I can't afford to simply replace this phone but its reluctance to perform the most basic of phone tasks (send texts and make phone calls) worries me. Rooting the phone is not something I'm capable of and risks bricking it.

Has anybody had these problems and managed to sort them themselves, or had a successful repair by HTC? Failing that, does anybody have any painless workarounds so that I have a usable phone whilst I save up for a replacement?

Any help appreciated, even corroboration that this problem is not just me but suffered by other One V owners.


I get that sometimes too. It can take a long time for People app and the Message app to load. Even worse, sometimes when I try to make a call through a direct dial shortcut, nothing happens for a long time. Then 20 or 30 seconds later the phone start to dial.


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factory restore using the built in recovery. honestly it doesn't take as long as you might think. and it will resolve the issues for you because going by your listed issues with the device,I'm betting its a cache related issue.


I was experiencing the same kinds of egregious delay when opening People, Messages, and even the dialer. Sometimes the dialer would take several minutes before I could even punch in a number. Also, tapping on a call in the call history would result in a several minute delay before the phone actually started to place the call.

I've sped my phone up tremendously by doing this:

1. Install Rocket Dialer to replace the stock dialer and the stock People app. Feature-rich and blazingly fast.

2. Install Go SMS Pro to replace the stock Messages app. Feature-rich and very fast.

3. Install Android Assistant and use it to automatically kill unwanted processes at startup (i.e. when you reboot the phone). You do this using the Startup Manager (on the Tools tab). For me, this list includes my internet radio streaming apps, Dolphin browser, and Quicken. I don't need these running in the background to give me alerts, etc. The small downside is that now launching these apps takes a bit longer.

While you're at it, install Default App Manager to make it easy for you to choose the default dialer app, etc.

With these simple changes my One V is no longer nearly unusable. Still not the fastest phone on the planet, but much much better.

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First is your phone rooted?

If so you could install a script such as crossbreeder (which I use myself, it's on xda developers website) I'm not 100% sure that it will run on your version of the device since from what I know the one v outside of the U.S. is a gsm phone.

But if it works it will adjust the memory settings to get rid of most of your lag issues. Has a built in adblocker, a governor tweaker, and Io tweaker, among other things.

Also I'd recommend getting "cache cleaner ng" which will automatically clear your caches at a time you decide and allows you to specify what apps you want cleaned. I have mine set to clear the caches every 12 hours at 3 am and 3 pm.

I also partitioned my sd card (class 10, 32gb card), and moved most of my apps and caches to the sd card. By using "mounts2sd" I've been able to get my internal data down to 39.03 mb out of 960.64 mb on the phone itself which has made a world of difference.

I know myself that I was suffering from some serious buyers remorse after about a week of having the phone, by doing the above and installing a custom rom running 4.2.2 I was able to get rid of most of the lag.

my specifics;
rom: rythmic rom 1.4
kernel: one that came with the rom
clock settings: 368 - 1804/ondemand
IO settings: SIO
memory management settings: allow purging of assets, enabled ksm, zram set to 26%
enabled 16bit transparency

Hope this helps


Was having frustrating lag issues on my still stock version. Why should it take minutes for it to dial a phone call? Find a contact? Create and send a message? Decided to install CynogenMod ROM, only got as far as installing setup_2.1.77.0_htc.exe and opening up the menu when I was called away and just turned the phone off until I could get back to the task. When I turned the phone back on..voila...dramatically improved loading. Don't know why but that's my story. If it's a cache issue don't understand why clearing out storage via the settings didn't work. Don't understand why restarting the phone or completely turning it off didn't do the same thing.

Also, I have also uninstalled the Amazon App store as I was getting messages telling me it was failing somehow--don't recall exact message. Didn't realize it was running in the background. Didn't realize it had to be installed for some apps purchased from there to even run. For the few must have apps I had gotten from Amazon I just purchased again from Google Play.

3/2/2014 Update: Still having lag issues despite rooting and installing an "HTC-like" system--sorry don't know the name as son handled that. Can take minutes to just make a phone call because Contacts lags. I did clean out my GMail contacts and eliminated about 1,000 that were automatically created when I approved Yahoo email list messages (and changed that auto add contact option). Weird thing is that occasionally, Contacts will work perfectly. Unfortunately, it's just too unreliable. Phone works great for all the 'smart' stuff but as a phone...really disappointing.

3/10/2014 Update: My son replaced whatever the former HTC similar OS was on the phone with Cynogenmod 10.1. It was either try that or throw the phone out the window. It had become useless as a phone as the contacts would not come up. The CM version of the phone is running like it should. Incoming calls are immediately ID'd and outgoing calls are made quickly. I don't know the name of the former software that was similar to HTC's but clearly the contacts was still an issue. I installed Rocket Dialer and Contacts+ but neither was able to overcome the flaw in the HTC system. Should have skipped straight to Cynogen to begin with. Hope some of the above saves someone a headache or two.