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Looking for email client with rules and notifications

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by JoeSchmoe007, Jun 4, 2013.

  1. JoeSchmoe007

    JoeSchmoe007 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    I receive dozens emails daily from different automated processes. I hate having to check my mail every X minutes and scroll through the list of all messages (I currently use K9 mail).

    What I am looking for is email application (paid is fine) that can do this:

    1) If email has high priority play sound I select (possibly until I manually acknowledge alarm)

    2) If subject or body contain specific sub-string play sound I select (possibly until I manually acknowledge alarm)

    Does anyone know of Android email client compatible with CM 7.1 that can do that?

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  2. gtbarry

    gtbarry Android Expert

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  3. dvhttn

    dvhttn Android Expert

    Just posted this on another thread ... may not help you though but you can download and test ...
  4. NQuateman

    NQuateman Member

    If you're on an Exchange Server, Touchdown can do those things.
  5. pmilham22

    pmilham22 Lurker

    Thanks for previous posts. I have also used "Mail Alert Pro" on Play store, but "rules" only work on message header fields not on the message content.
  6. glensantacruz

    glensantacruz Newbie

    [Post deleted]
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  7. electricpete

    electricpete Android Expert

    +1 for gmail. The one caveat - you'll need a pc to set up your filters.

    gmail "filters" (like rules) and "labels" (like folders, except one message can be assigned as many different labels as you want, including "inbox" label) are extremely versatile, not just for your purpose but also for organizing your email (before you even see it) and cleaning the clutter. The assigned labels help you easily identify the category of each email while viewing it in a list, especially if you color the label. And when you set up your filter to apply label to messages meeting particular criteria, you can also choose to leave the message in your inbox or remove it, to mark it read or not, forward it to your sms or you other email accounts, whatever you want.

    And once the filters and labels are set up, the android gmail app does everything you requested...can set custom notification sound for each label. No need for other apps to install on your phone, which may create running services (which stakes out a high-priority claim on their portion of your memory), and which may potentially view your sensitive data. Which is not to say you should never install apps for purposes like this, just that it's a factor to consider (along with features, ease of use etc). Obviously preferences will vary depending on the individual and the circumstance.
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  8. Crashdamage

    Crashdamage Android Expert

    ^^^^ This.
    I'll only add, just for clarity for readers of this thread, that everything electricpete covered - filters, sorting, marking read or not - all that is setup in Gmail online. So it's done on the server not the email app. That means the mail processing is independent of the email client used. You can get the same results with any email app, not just the Gmail app. And filters, labels, etc can be setup using anything with a browser - computer, tablet, or phone.

    If you wanna really trick out your email notifications, install Lighflow and a compatible email client such as AquaMail and customize like crazy, like gtbarry described in post #2/
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