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looking for email that does RPC....... anyone

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by reddragon72, May 25, 2011.

  1. reddragon72

    reddragon72 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Ok here is the short version. My work does exchange 2007. They don't allow "active sync" to any mobile device. When I try android email 2.2 it always tells me that my user name and PW are wrong. I asked and they don't allow phones to active sync. What I can do, and do from home is run Outlook 2010 to connect to my works exchange server VIA RPC over HTTPS. This works perfectly and I can log in with no problem.

    Yes I am using the same server address on my phone as I am in Outlook, but my phone always gets bad username/password(no matter how I type it out) but outlook on my home PC gets in all the time with proxy set in it for RPC over HTTP.

    So my question is, are there any email clients on Android that will connect to my companies exchange server like outlook does that will allow me to get my emails and calender? I have looked and found nothing. I have tried all the email apps I can find on the market and none of them connect.

    Any help or direction would be great!!


  2. Jhawks

    Jhawks Lurker

    I know this is my first post, but i was having the same problem you are and thought I might try to help. I was getting the same message that the user name or password were incorrect even though I was sure I put them in correctly. I downloaded Touchdown, and now I can get my work e-mail. There is a free trial version, so you can see if it works first. It will give you a 30 day trial. The key to take you out of trial mode is pricey ($20), but it works for me and I need to get my work e-mail. Today the key is on sale at Amazon for $8 (not sure how long it would be there at that price), but you should see if it even works at all with the free version first. Anyway, may or may not work, but thought I would offer up something that worked for me.
  3. reddragon72

    reddragon72 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Yea I tried touchdown and the same thing. My company is very active in stopping any device that reports itself as mobile so the login will stop you before you can get in. That is why I was looking for an app that could conceal itself and pull data like Outlook.

    Thanks anyways and I'm going to keep on looking and hoping.
  4. AngryHatter

    AngryHatter Android Expert

    Two thoughts...
    Try K9 or Maildroid?
    Remotely access your pc via the phone and read email that way?
  5. robphelan

    robphelan Member

    you may want to double think trying to get around your employer's policy. You can surely get fired for this if they find out.

    Our comp only supports iphones, so I was out of luck when I went to the Captivate. I thought I couldn't live without it, but the only thing I really miss is my meeting reminders.

    I downloaded an app to synch my outlook calendar to my gmail calendar and use a widget to show it. Works great for meetings.
  6. reddragon72

    reddragon72 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Tried both of those and no joy. And right now my work around was to setup my home pc to fetch my mail and redirect it to my locally setup exchange server. The only issue is that I cannot reply.

    My comps IT department is lazy and don't want to deal with more people asking about email sync issues on their phones they by from a store. It's not a security thing its a support, or lack of.

    I have the google calendar sync program on my pc so I have my meetings, but I am really wishing I could reply. Kinda sucks, but it'll do for now.
  7. qawa

    qawa Lurker

    i am also facing same issue, have you found any solution?

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