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Looking for freelance Android developers and designers

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by wedesignapps, Jun 9, 2010.

  1. wedesignapps

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    Jun 9, 2010

    Jun 9, 2010
    We Design Apps is a social blog with a difference. We bring developers and designers together to work on collaborative projects. We come up with the ideas and post the specs on our community forum at We Design Apps Forum
    If you would like to participate follow these instructions:
    Step 1. Please visit We Design Apps Forum and sign up for the forum - your user-name and password will automatically work for the main site log-in too (wordpress backend).
    Step 2. To post your profile, skills and expertize, log-in to the forum and post in the marketplace section.
    Step 3. Wait for our moderator to authorize your posts (it won't take too long)
    Step 4. "ta da" Your posting is live and you can expect collaboration requests and new offers pouring in within days.
    Step 5. Select a project you are interested in and join that group.
    Step 6. Each group will have their common code / assets area (free storage unlimited GB - please do not misuse)
    Step 7. On successful project completion we will post a press release / featured articles on the main website at We Design Apps - A social blog for Android OS and iPhone OS app developers and interface designers and link to several social networks.
    Step 8. We will do the social network marketing for you and get your application the exposure it needs to succeed. Also you will be listed in the directory. Other users may rate and review your apps. Apps with most ratings will climb to the top of the list.
    Step 9. Once you have become a part of our community you can help other folks too by writing blog articles, tips and tricks and developer tutorials.
    Step 10. We help you sell your premium apps and rake in the profits.

    Our revenue model: This is a completely free and open forum. Currently we are sending beta invites. In the future there will be a membership fee for premium users only. But the forum will always remain free. We will take revenue from affiliate marketing and minimal advertisements in the sidebar.


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