Flappy Thumbs

May 10, 2020
Hello everyone, I recently started to play this fun game Angry Birds 2. Must be honest, I was never interested in the game before. I mean, throw birds with a slinger. What's interesting that? Right? Then Angry Birds the movies came, the kids had fun and it looked silly enough to make me curious, so what the heck! And against all my wildest fantasies the game is actually very enjoyable! So here I am, telling you that if it ever got you een slightly curious why not give the game a chance?

In case you want to join me in this adventure, currently I and some friends are in the clan: Statunitians (Pretty clear where we are from, right?).


Clan name: Statunitians
Clan number: #353850
Members: currently 30
Total flock power 9873 and rapidly increasing!
Our members are active and have power over 200+ but any willing member is welcome.


Thanks for the attention and have a nice day.
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