Looking for offline contacts backup/restore


I have a new HTC Hero and TELUS imported the contacts from my old (OLD) Motorola i570 dumbphone. I need to do a lot of cleanup of the data, including specifying proper first/last names, merging postal and e-mail address data from my Palm TX's database, etc.

I used "Contacts Manager" to export my phone-based contacts to an XML file on the SD card. It can apparently import an XML file as well, but I can't get it to work. It always complains about importing a directory instead of a file.

Contacts Manager v1.1 Application for Android | Tools

So now I'm looking for another app that can overwrite my phone's contacts database with new data from an XML or CSV file. I would really prefer not to send all this information up to Google. Any suggestions?


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On my Moto Milestone I just go to Contacts and there already is an option to backup my contacts up to SD card.


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I don't have that option on the HTC Hero, but I am already able to export my contacts database to XML, which I can then massage elsewhere (reformatting numbers, merging in postal address data, sanitizing real names, etc.). The problem now is getting the cleaned up data back into the Hero, without having to go through a Google account.