Looking for Outlook related apps for Calendar & Tasts


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I recently started a new job working at a Hilton brand hotel here in San Diego and this property uses Outlook as it's primary email client. I got spoiled with GMail(previous properties primary email client) and how easy it was to use Business Calendar to view both my work and personal GMail calendars and any one of several task apps for my Google tasks. Now that I use Outlook(OWA to be exact) for my email, calendar, & tasks at work I'm struggling to find suitable apps for these 3 functions. I finally found an app for my email after being told multiple times by others working for Hilton or at other Hilton brand franchise hotels that none existed that would work as I hoped it would. Unfortunately the search for any apps that would sync my Outlook calendar & tasks still continues.

Can anyone offer any assistance with this?

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MyPhoneExplorer will do this. I use it between PC and phone fro Outlook 2010. App on the phone - client on the PC.