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Looking for proper remote control for earplugs/headset

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by KillerSheep, Jun 3, 2010.

  1. KillerSheep

    KillerSheep Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I'm really close to buying a Desire. The only thing stopping me is the lack of a proper remote control for pausing and skipping songs. I know the earplugs in the box have such a remote, but using those earplugs are out of the question.

    Something like this is what I want. Anyone know if it's compatible with the Desire? Or if such a thing exist that works on the Desire?
    DealExtreme: $7.01 3.5mm Stereo Audio Adapter with Microphone for HTC S1/Diamond/Dimond2/G1/G2 (70CM-Length)

    I'm actually considering modding the earplugs that come with the phone, by replacint the plugs with a female 3.5mm jack. Anybody tried that?

    Also, please no Bluetooth suggestions. I'm just looking for a wired solution.

  2. heffa

    heffa Newbie

    Was looking at that too. Unfortunately, the Desire has a Micro USB port, not Mini USB :(

    Looking for a remote for my Desire too
  3. delinear

    delinear Member

    I had a look at this on the official site:

    HTC: Accessory store: Pocket PC Headsets + Handsfree: HTC Desire Audio Adaptor for 3.5mm to 3.5mm HS U350 (with Stereo Headset + HTC Logo, Retail Pack): Description

    But it looks like it's just a 3.5mm pass-through with a microphone and lacks the Play/Pause/Skip controls I'd want (doesn't really give much detail and the picture's not the clearest but I guess if it had the other functions it would mention them).

    Other than that, the only option I've seen is a bluetooth one, which at least uses the same micro USB charge cable as the phone but I'd rather have a wired one too.
  4. AlienDonkey

    AlienDonkey Lurker

    There is some talk about this over on the AV forums. See post 11 onwards in this thread HTC Desire Headphone Alternatives - AVForums.com

    They recomend a Griffin product (that has had some bad reviews regarding build quality) on Amazon. There is also a very cheap alternative available on Amazon. iphone 3G headphone Handsfree Adapter Converter + Mic: Amazon.co.uk: Electronics & Photo As it is an iphone remote the same as the Griffin, I guess it should work the same (no guarantees though!). Let us know if you try it!

    You do however need to use a different music player if you want to be able to skip tracks (Mort or bTunes).

  5. heffa

    heffa Newbie

    Yeah, a few ideas, but still nothing real solid.
    Although I does prove that Im not the only one who thinks the CX300s are fsckn awesome :):)

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