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Apr 13, 2020
I would appreciate recommendation for backup software for LG phone, primarily for Contacts. I would like to back it up to my computer, and then be able to restore (and/or transfer to new phone) as need be. There's a few backup/restores out there - I would appreciate any suggestions from experience as to which one(s) to use. (I also have a Samsung galaxy - i expect the software would work well with that phone, as well.)
If you are just focused on your contacts, the Contacts app itself has an Export and an Import function, in the app's Settings menu. (Export saves your contacts listing to a .vcf file, a commonly used file type format.) Note this not a backup/restore service that can be set to run automatically in the background, it's something you do as a precaution or when transferring your contacts to a different device.

But is there a reason as to why you don't want to just have syncing enabled in your phone's Settings >> Accounts menu (your LG's naming and/or exact location of the menu might vary) so your contacts list is always backed up automatically into your online Google account? If you do have syncing enabled for Contacts, all you need to do is confirm it's functional by going to
This should be some of the best apps, according to App Finder. The first clearly stands out with the best ratings and being free without ads.


Thanks Syica. I will look into that first one [Easy Contact] you recommended.

> just saw that is a phone-to cloud-to phone backup. I want to backup to my computer; the I could then restore it to the same phone or a new phone as I wanted. I definitely do not want to put it on cloud somewhere. But I appreciate your replying.
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