May 24, 2010
I have ordered the HTC Incredible and should have it in a few weeks. I'm coming from the Blackberry Storm, so games on there were not fun. I was playing around with my girlfriends iphone and really liked two games on there. I was hoping that there were very similar games available on my new phone. The two games were:

Haypi Kindgom

We Rule

Please let me know so that I can download them right off when I receive the my incredible.

wow, am a bit disappointed. I guess there are no similar games then. Do I have to get an ipad or itouch to play these type of games? I had assumed that these were available on android phones. :(
Those two games are what hold your opinion to a phone? What about the ability to endlessly customize your phone. Or your ability to create those games for yourself... Just saying, you couldn't do that with an iPhone.
P.S. Also, be patient with this forum, it doesn't receive as much activity as the other forums on the site. Don't expect an answer in just 4 hours. If there is an answer to your question though, it will come.
It would help those of us who have never heard of the games you mention to have a little description. Then we might be able to point you to games that are like that.