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Looking for some advice / help

Discussion in 'Verizon' started by urrzen, Jul 23, 2010.

  1. urrzen

    urrzen Member
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    Feb 24, 2010
    Hello everyone,

    I am coming to this forums looking for some advice. I have been a lurker for a long time, and see that some of you can give some sound advice / suggestions.

    Anyways, here is my story (and it is very long, sorry in advance)...

    My wife and I became Verizon customers back in Feb of this year. We each took a Moto droid and also added on my wife's grandmother to my plan (she chose a droid eris).

    Anyways, in march I have heard of the HTC Incredible but was not sure on the release date, so I had waited until the very last day of my 30 day return policy before returning the phone back to Verizon, knowing that I would be without a phone for a unknown amount of time until the Incredible would be released.

    This is where my long , frustrating journey with Verizon started. Even though I returned the phone on the 30th day, the store that I returned the phone did not process it in their computer systems until the following day, thereby making me 1 day late on my 30 day return.

    It took about 1-2 weeks to get everything all cleared up, but created more problems for me when I tried to pre-order the incredible as the Verizon computers kept on insisting I still had a moto droid attached to my line.

    This problem then created a ton of other billing issues, the reps at Verizon kept on telling me that even though I did not have the phone physically, that the computers will still saying I was going to have to pay my monthly fee for the line and the included data plan.

    After many, many phone calls to csr's I was able to get that straightened out but then came the issue of being able to pre-order the incredible at new customer pricing (because the computers were now back to insisting I did not return the phone in my 30 day period). It took me faxing in my receipt from the store to keep on proving that I had indeed returned within the required timeframe. Ad once again many, many different calls to Verizon csr's to get it all straightened out.

    We finally got it all straightened out, I was able to order the Incredible.
    Got the phone and realized after 13 days that it was defective (had screen overlap issues, battery issues, camera / video issues, and gps issues)

    Went to a Verizon store and showed them my problems and was basically told that they know I have a defective phone, but they do not have any replacements for me whatsoever, and that if I chose to, I could return the incredible and accept a loaner flip-phone in the meantime, but Verizon had no idea at all when I would get a replacement (was even told it could take 2-3 months as the backorder date kept on slipping).

    Now, I will be honest and declined that offer as I kept on hoping / thinking that maybe my issues were a little more widespread and was hoping HTC/ Verizon were going to push put an update that would fix the phone.

    The store then told me that I would be able to call tech support and they should be able to assist me further. well, even the tech support reps told me that I cannot have a replacement, because they just to not have any phones to replace my defective unit with.

    I then asked if I could step out of the Incredible and go back to the moto droid (keeping in mind that I was still within my 30 day period with the Incredible.) I even was willing to pay the restocking fee, I was told I could not.

    Tech support then informed me that at this point, I was only entitled to a replacement incredible and nothing else. BUT..they still had no ETA on a replacement device for me.

    Now, in between all these issues, my wife moto droid started to act funny, and Verizon had replaced her device to try and fix the issues.

    So now, fast forward to 2 weeks ago. I was at my breaking point with the Incredible, called Verizon and was not rude in any way with them, but had very politely explained that my Incredible has been getting worse and what would it take to get me out of the incredible and move to a different phone.

    I got the same old answer that they had no replacement units available. I then asked to speak with a supervisor, who after listening to my entire rant, dropped a bombshell on me. They have ALWAYS had Incredible replacement units available, I just had to know who to ask in order to get a replacement.

    Now this kinda irked me, and I politely asked that if the phone has always been available for replacement, why has a store , csr's, tech support all tell me a different story for the last 2 months. His answer..I DUNNO!!!

    He then tells me that he can overnight to me a replacement device, I then ask him that if there have always been devices, and I was not taken care of (even within my 30 day window) what can he do to move me out of the Incredible and into another device (I honestly had no desire to try again with the Incredible as the whole situation left a bad taste in my mouth).

    He places me on hold for 5-10 minutes and then comes back on the line and tells me if I wish to move to a different device I have 2 options...

    1: Buy a new device a full cost

    2: Open a new line of service on my plan, buy a device at new customer pricing and then place a used "dumb" phone on the new line after transferring the new phone to my current line of service.

    or, I can accept the replacement Incredible. There is nothing else they are willing to do for me.

    So, once again in all honesty..I asked for the replacement Incredible, got it the next day..sold it and opened a new line of service on my plan and stepped into the Droid X. I truly did not want to stay with the incredible mostly out of sheer frustration I had with a defective unit since launch.

    now in the last 2 weeks, my wife has been having a very frustrating issue with her moto droid, she can get about 80%-85% of her calls / txts with no issues at all. But the remaining amount her phone does not even notify her that she has an incoming call, but will tell her that she had a missed call.

    Verizon has now sent out a total of 4 replacement devices with all results being the same. I last spoke with tech support 2 days ago and we all agreed that it cannot be 4 defective moto droids (all 4 being the same issue).

    Verizon opened a trouble ticket to get it escalated higher, they called me back yesterday and informed me that it was a network issue, but only because we live in what Verizon calls "marginal service area" and told me that they have seen some instances where certain devices can perform better / worse depending on network coverage.

    They then recommended that my wife move away from the moto droid (she was not happy over this) and that my options once again are..

    1: a "replacement" droid eris

    2: Buy a new phone at full cost

    3: Open my 5th line of service and purchase a new phone at new customer pricing

    4: they will keep sending replacement droids, but was made aware that due to the now short supply of replacement droids, they may end up sending an eris, or LG ALLY.

    5: cancel our service, because we live in a marginal service area, we can get out of contract with no ETF.

    The last item mentioned is not an option as we only have Verizon service in our area..lol

    Now, here is where my frustrations (and questions) come...

    How can it be that Verizon knows that she is having a problem with a moto droid, they can honestly say that a droid eris / LG ally is a suitable replacement for her phone?

    Why will verizon not allow me any wiggle room on allowing her line's upgrade date to be moved to the present to allow her to move into a different device?

    I tried a counter offer, saying that IF i open my 5th line of service and put a "dumb" phone on that line, would they be willing to offer me a $120 credit for all my time and troubles to offset the new line of service for 1 year..I was told NO.

    So, no help, no customer support, no credit, no eligibility date changes..nothing at all to help us out with our situations we have had.

    I guess I am asking, am I asking for the wrong things, in the wrong way?

    I have seen many, many stories from posters on a lot of different sites that say Verizon will work with their customers to make things right, but I feel like I am just being shuffled around with no clear fix in sight.

    Sorry for the extremely long post / rant, but I am really frustrated with this whole situation.

    Thank you in advance
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  2. potterdood

    potterdood Well-Known Member

    Apr 30, 2010
    Verizon Wireless Tech Support
    Anderson, SC
    I read the whole thing and I have to say that sucks! What I would do is...I would email someone as high up in verizon as I can, this very post. Email this post to everyone you can find a corporate email from. Good luck. But that is nationwide, where they're exchanging droids for eris's n ally's. Bc they are phasing out the droid1. My suggestion, sell the used droid on ebay and put that money towards a used phone of her choice on ebay.
  3. 3devious

    3devious Well-Known Member

    Oct 28, 2009
    Washington, DC area
    Wow, I am not certain what they will do for you. I don't know how the signal is for the Eris/Ally. It may just be that the Droid is not suitable for your area. There is a person in these forums that lives in a spot that he has the worst performance with the Droid yet other VZW devices work just fine. Since you have been through so much, I am not sure if they are going to make an exception and upgrade her already.

    Maybe someone who has better experiences with getting things out of customer service can chime in?
  4. skilaufen

    skilaufen Well-Known Member

    Mar 24, 2010
    If the problem with your wife's Droid is signal reception you might want to consider a network extender. If you have a broadband cable or DSL connection it would probably be your best option if your wife wants to keep her Droid.

    It cost $250 but I have seen a number of posts where people have gotten Verizon CSRs to discount it to $99 as a compensation for their troubles.

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