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Apps Looking for some Helpful Guidance

Discussion in 'Android Development' started by chris3spice, May 12, 2011.

  1. chris3spice

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    May 12, 2011

    May 12, 2011
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    Hello! I have a single App that I would like to make, its a pretty big idea but I would like to try to get it going little by little, I keep getting referenced to just look at the Google help and stuff, but I don't learn that way well. I look at it but I don't get much of it, I need a step by step tutorial with explanations on how to do specifics. Anyway that is me rambling.

    Anyway my App! I call it Chaomon!

    Story: All over the net, there lies virtual creatures called Chaos-Monsters (Chaomon for short). They live in and out of the code that makes up websites and programs on all computers. There are many different types of Chaomon and they all have different abilities. Anyone with the proper equipment now has the ability to battle and capture the Chaomon. The user can then use these Chaomon to battle others that are stronger in order to weaken them to allow the user to capture them. Certain Chaomon only live in certain parts of the world, so if you want to try to capture them all you will have to travel all over the globe.

    Chaomon are virtual creatures located all over the world. You can now catch and train them all.

    There are certain area's of the world in which some of the Chaomon are very limited, therefore the capture of certain Chaomon is limited to a certain number. So get out there and start travelling to find them all.

    Your Chaodevice (which can be installed on android devices) can detect the presence of Chaomon and can lead you into battle with them. Your device can hold three active Chaomon, the rest of them have to be stored on the central server which you can access at any time from your Chaodevice.

    Its a Pokemon wannabe game! It uses your location to determine what Chaomon you can catch, which you do by scanning the area.

    I have the main Tree Figured out for the App and the first Buttons for the menu in a layout:
    >List of Chaomon (you've seen)
    >>Details about a Chaomon
    >List of Active Chaomon
    >>Details about a Chaomon
    >>Deactivate Chaomon
    >Buy Items
    >>List Items
    >Sell Items
    >>List Items
    - Storage
    >-List of Chaomon
    >>Activate Chaomon
    >Search for Tamers
    >Search for Gym Leader
    -Tamer Card
    >List of Chaomon in Area
    >>Battle Chaomon

    Anyway I figured I would start asking some questions to help me get going more.

    So my question is which part should I work on first? I'm pretty new to programming apps so I don't know where I should start, I kinda know how it works with Sudo Code in my head I just need to find all the right info and piece it together. I'm guessing get a database setup with a couple Chaomon, so where can I find a good tutorial on that. (Yes I have Googled and I can't find one that helps me understand how it works)

    Anyway help would be appreciated!!! Like I said don't just say go read the Google code and stuff because I've done that and it's not helping me!


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