Looking for specific calendar features


I just got an LG Optimus T and am working on setting up the Android apps. I found that I liked the default calendar widget because it allowed me to scroll through the months and select any day without having to enter the app itself (just from the widget interface on the home screen). However, when I enter events, it only shows a yellow sticky on the day without giving me any clue what the note is for.

I found another widget called Calendar Pad. This widget shows the title of the events right on the calendar widget interface, which is exactly what I wanted! However, I can't scroll through the months from the widget interface.

I want it to be like a wall calendar - I can take one look and see the whole month, and see which days I have things going on and what those specific things are - and I can peek at the next month quickly and easily.

Does anyone know of a calendar widget that combines those two functions? Any help is appreciated greatly!