Jun 30, 2013
Hi. I am looking to purchase a Tablet, 10.1, with a MicroSD slot to give me extra storage.

My query is: I want to put my music on MicroSD cards. Will the Tablet access the tracks and play them or do I have to drag them across from the card into the Tablet before whatever music player I have will play them?

I recently bought a French MP3 player that has a slot but whatever you put on the card has to be added, track at a time, to the Favourites on the player. Painful, really but it didn't cost much.

I want to have different kinds of tracks on different cards and be able to just insert and play what I feel like.

While we're at it and I have your undivided, my main use for the Tablet will be reading my Zinio magazines etc. I live aboard and don't have a home address to have any mags sent to. Are any tablets better readers than others?

Not wanting to go overboard on price but I don't mind spending on something that is worth it.

Thanks for any help.
If your looking for the greatest amount of expandable storage, the Asus Transformer line with keyboard dock is what you're looking for. Tablet itself has a micro sd port, and keyboard dock has a standard sd port as well as standard usb port.
True about the MP3 player - you have to use the software on your big PC to arrange the tracks BUT what is weird is that even then the player wants you to put those tracks onto the player's Favourite list before it will play them and you have to do this Favourite by Favourite. It's a TS302 put out by MPMan in France.
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Follow up to my query.
Bought a Samsung Galaxy yesterday. Thought about the Asus butthe price here in Greece was a bit steep and I won't be going home to Oz until December.
Now i just need to find out how to use it :)