Looking to switch from Bionic..


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Looking for some input.

Debating between Rezound, Razr/Razr Maxx, and Nexus.

Any input for a Rezound noob?


I've not used the other phones in contention but I can speak well for the Rezound.
It has proven to be a very well built, solid, reliable phone. I came from the Incredible and was astounded at the increase in speed and the beauty of it's screen.
The phone fits very well in the hand and if you are in a 4g area.. you will need a good grip for it is fast. The Razr was out when I got my Rezound and though it may be a fine phone... it just was an awkward hold for me. The Max and the Nexus weren't released at the time of my purchase so they were never a consideration.

If you have any particular concerns with the Rez... feel free to ask the crowd here.
We all feel we have a great phone and have pretty much been below the radar as a top phone contender.


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Kinda depends on what you do with your phone and what you expect... what do you think are the most important aspects of a phone? Screen quality, screen size, battery life, camera, stability, tweak-ability, openess (varied ROMs/most current OS), weight, ect...

I also see a total absence of the Samsung Galaxy S3, is there a particular reason why?

I do in-house support for all of these model phones, and would recommend them all (except maybe the plain Razr) for particular people, but it varies by person and what they want or need.