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Looking to Trade : 0.00 : Galaxy Nexus for Droid Razr(White or Maxx)

Discussion in 'Archived Threads' started by redraptor, Apr 17, 2012.

  1. redraptor

    redraptor Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

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    ..Looking to Trade

    ..Galaxy Nexus for Droid Razr(White or Maxx)


    Shipping Included?

    Payment Options
    ..Even Trade - No Money

    ..Mint: Perfect device and all original included items

    Extra Included Items
    ..I have an extra Kraken Trident case, an androidfied A2 case and Duo Shield case. I also have a car mount.

    Additional Information/Comments
    This is a brand new Nexus. I sent my old one in for problems and they just send this one to me today, but im not really feeling the device anymore. I REALLY miss the Razr. So I would like to do an even trade for either a Droid Razr in white, or a Razr Maxx. The Nexus has a clean ESN, and will be provided upon request and I would like the same for the Razr. Razr must be in near mint condition! I also live in Central Va and would prefer to meet in person if possible. I know its a long shot but hey, I can try! :)

    I am willing to "haggle" with the various accessories but would prefer they dont just go away for nothing. I could really use a car dock or laptop dock.

    Anyway, good luck and forgive me for my noob posting. This is my first classified!

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  2. Bob Cat

    Bob Cat Careful, They're sharp!!
    VIP Member

    Redraptor, A note with your username, date and previous day's lotto number is required.


    Form for posting in the root Classifieds section - intended to buy/sell/trade Android products in the US.

    You must make the effort to do this right if you are serious about using this section of our forum. Attaching an image with the following is REQUIRED for all "for sale" or "for trade" posts:

    1) The main item in question
    2) Piece of paper containing:
    ....a) your username
    ....b) the date
    ....c) the previous day's winning lottery numbers (one of them, they do two a day) for Massachusetts State Lottery - Lottery Games - Numbers

    All posts missing the required image will be removed and repeat offenses may result in a ban. This is so other users, as well as staff, may better convince themselves of your legitimacy. Thank you for understanding.

    Thanks ;)
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  3. redraptor

    redraptor Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Oh totally my fault. Im new to this and thought I read through it better. Its getting fixed now! Thank you!!!
  4. Bob Cat

    Bob Cat Careful, They're sharp!!
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  5. kmatcham11

    kmatcham11 Lurker

    I am interested. The only problem is mine is just the black version. I would really like to get the galaxy nexus so I am willing to pay some money too since it isn't white like you are asking. Please PM me thanks!
  6. Bob Cat

    Bob Cat Careful, They're sharp!!
    VIP Member

    PM sent.;)
  7. rouxe41

    rouxe41 Lurker

    I bricked my White 32gb Droid RAZR just yesterday and I'm getting a brand new replacement. I really want that Nexus let me know if you're still interested its gonna be a new device so its never been used. please PM me!
  8. Bob Cat

    Bob Cat Careful, They're sharp!!
    VIP Member

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