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Looking to Trade : $0.00 - Trade : AT&T Optimus G E970 for AT&T HTC One X+

Discussion in 'Archived Threads' started by WA_Bob, Dec 12, 2012.

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    Buy | Sell | Trade
    ..Selling On eBay Now - Thanks for looking - Looking to Trade

    ..AT&T Optimus G E970 for AT&T HTC One X+

    ..$0.00 - Trade

    Shipping Included?

    Payment Options
    ..Even Trade - No Money

    ..Mint: Perfect device and all original included items

    Extra Included Items
    ..Body Glove Icon case with Blue and Pink inserts, Zagg screen saver (installed)

    Additional Information/Comments
    I am looking to trade my Optimus G for an HTC One X+ straight out. I've had the phone for a month and it works great, but I've decided I prefer HTC phones and would like to trade for one.

    My Optimus G has been in a case with a Zagg screen protector on it from day one and it will come with all OEM accessories that came with it. I'm looking for a similar condition AT&T HTC One X+. If you're interested and have any questions, please respond here or PM me and we can exchange device photos to see if we want to trade.

    Photos can also be found here on Android Forums on my profile at:

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