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Lookout Mobile Security FREE: great security for your mobile phone

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by zachary, Jun 7, 2010.

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    Lookout Mobile Security offers three very useful features that I would suggest to anyone who cares about their mobile phone. Virus Protection scans all applications that have been downloaded from the app market and quite simply protects your phone from virus protection. I have never needed this as none of the apps I have downloaded were viruses but it is still useful. The second is Data Backup, which backs up all of your contacts, call history, and pictures. Though it is not the best data backup, I do not have a rooted phone so i do not have access to some of the better backup apps. All of the data is backed up to the website https://www.mylookout.com/ and is all easily viewable. Both the data backup and virus protection can be programmed to occur on specific days and times in the week which is useful because it can drain battery. I personally have both programmed to happen on Sunday night at 11PM because that's the one night I am most likely going to be asleep by then. The third is missing device, which is my favorite as it has helped me find my phone many times after nights where i drank too much. It is very simple to use this feature because all you need is a computer or even another smartphone. Just login to the website and click "Find My Phone" and wait for three minutes max. The website will bring up a map showing you where your phone is and over time it will become more accurate. This application was accurate enough to find which apartment my phone was in and even which room it was in. After that if you still cant find your phone, there is a scream option which makes your phone emit a loud noise which helps to find the phone. My step-brother actually had his phone stolen and was able to locate it. He then called it and told the theif he knew exactly where he was and would call the police if he didnt return the phone and he then got the phone back within the hour. This is an amazing application and it is free so there is no reason not to want it.
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