Looks like HTC is starting to build a little hype


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Yup - got an M8 and contract is due for renewal end of March. It still works really well but is getting a bit tatty. I just hope the M10 is a bigger jump than the M9 was (I've been lucky on my 2 year contract cycle so far - went Desire, One X then M8 and missed the odd-year semi-upgrades)


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We've had every HTC phone since the EVO. Going from the 8 to the 9 was a mistake. Wasn't happy and now I don't know what to do but I am looking at the Samsung 7 Edge. I certainly won't get an iphone, I love Android I am still deciding what to do. The 8 was a step up from the 7 but I could of stuck with my 8 and not bothered with the 9.


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I am with you rose I made the same mistake and regretted it. Now they got rid of the speakers that drew me to the 8 and 9. Now I have looking at the Droid Turbo 2 and the xperia z. I think it is time to ditch htc. They keep making dumb decisions.


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Well I am excited now I keep going to forums and watching videos and the Galaxy S7 Edge is going to be a great phone have a better camera than what we have now. But I am going to miss a few things one being FM Tuner, front speakers, and double tap to turn on I am used to that and love that feature on my Nexus tablet. I don't know if my Samsung will have this but now when I scroll down my notifications one of my toggles is screenshot and it just makes it easier to do a screen shot and i use that all the time. I am glad the S7 Edge will have themes and the edge features seem cool so I am sure I will find alot I like about the edge. But I needed a bigger screen phone and I am not a fan of the big notes. I actually liked the S6 Edge Plus last year and that made me want a bigger screen phone. Between the 6 and 6 edge I wouldn't waste the extra $100 bucks same screen size but now on the 7 it's 5'1 verses 5'5 which isn't much difference from our M9 5" but it's a 1/2 an inch and a better phone all around. I hope the sound is loud and the camera is as good as people say it is.

If I knew for sure HTC's new phone would be at least a 5.5" with the same great speakers as the 8 and a much better camera I would consider waiting but time for something new.
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