Loose camera lens?


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So I just got my Inc on the 27th.
I was checkin things out today, and noticed my lens is bcasically coming apart I noticed this because a piece of hair was stuck coming out of the area that is loose. any one else having this issue?


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Its not a lens, but a dust cover.

Yes, mine is a little loose. Design flaw, but it doesn't cause issue and its gonna cost Verizon another phone if it ever comes off, so its no biggie for me.


I'm in the same boat, dust cover lens is loose and dust has gotten behind the cover lens. Doesn't seem to affect the picture quality though, just annoying.


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My first one had that.i took it back and got a replacement. If under thirty days old make sure they give you new and not refurb.

Yo good lookin out brotha, I'm under thirty im takin this sucker back.. but i ordered thourhg *611, or better yet CSR gave me it fo free!!