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Loosing data connection after installing apps

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by sanity29, May 25, 2010.

  1. sanity29

    sanity29 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Like everyone else last week, I installed the official 2.1 update. I'm loving a lot about it. However when i installed a barcode reader like Barcode reader and Shop Savvy, I lost all connections to the internet, the market, Email, and even the weather. I was able to use the phone and text, but that was it. Then last night I installed the XDA keyboard, and I again lost all my data connections except phone and text.

    Is there a setting I need to change? or any other ideas for how to fix this issue? I should be able to install apps and not loose data connections.
    Should I try reinstalling the update?

    Also, the battery seems to last just a tade less longer than 1.5 did. But no worries there. Would like to install apps without loosing connections.

    Apps I have if it helps:
    Photoshop, Google Goggles, History eraser, Astro file manager, Google maps (update i think), Shazam, Facebook, 3Banana notes, and Pandora.

    All that is on my home screen that might interfer with something is the clock with the weather widget, the people favorites widget, and that's all. Otherwise the home screens are just icons to the apps I use. Not sure if any of this helps sovle my problem.

    Well thanx for the help.

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  2. sanity29

    sanity29 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    I take it, that from the lack of replies, I'm the only one wither this issue. I guess I could try redownloading and reinstall 2.1 kind of sucks but o well. Worth a try. Unless someone knows something
  3. geocarp

    geocarp Lurker

    I lost connection after I updated (had a good datat signal) and then used MyBacupPro to reinstall my apps. I then had no data signal. I toggeled wifi on, checked to see if phone was working and then when I shut off off, I had data again over Sprint.

    I have not installed an app since though so I am not sure it's same issue but it might be.
  4. sanity29

    sanity29 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    I loose a data connection after installing only certain apps. Well I have lost it after only installing of of three apps so far. The xda keyboard, shop savvy, and barcode scanner.

    I re-installed the 2.1 os last night and reset up my phone. The first time in installed the update, I got it from the sprint website. This time I got it from HTC's website, just to see if there would be a difference. Before installing any apps, I updated my profile and prl, and then installed xda keyboard, just to see if it conflicted with another app. Well, again I lost my data connection. I have not tried installing shop savvy or barcode scanner yet to see if things changed with those.

    Just seems odd that I am the only one loosing data connections after installing those apps. Not sure what else to do other than not install them. Sad as I did like the xda keyboard during it's short lived life on my phone.
  5. sanity29

    sanity29 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Earlier today I thought I had it figured out. I installed one of my problem apps, turned off the phone, pulled battery, and all worked great. To test it again, I turned off the phone, and I lost my data connection again. So in the end, I'm right back where I started. Not sure where to go from here.
  6. mhn2

    mhn2 Lurker

    I'm having the same issue. Plus, making calls is ridiculously slow. I have counted to 20 from the time I hit the call button to the call being made. I am very disappointed in this so called upgrade. :mad:
  7. sanity29

    sanity29 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Last night I had my issue fixed. I called sprint's tech support. not sure what he did on his end, but he fiddled with something and now everything works great. If anyone else is having this problem, give them a call from a phone other than your hero as you will be turning it on and off and doing things on your end. One thing he had me try to do was access the recovery mode screen by hitting the volume down button/ call/ and end buttons at the same time. I never did get that to work. So he had me pull the battery, he did something on his pc and then i rebooted the phone and all was great.
  8. chasford

    chasford Lurker

    I experienced the data connection problems yesterday. I called Sprint and it was an easy fix. Try this: Go to your home screen, hit "Menu" then go to "Settings". Scroll to "About phone" then go to "System updates". Press "Update profile". After the update is completed you should be good to go.
  9. chasford

    chasford Lurker

    A follow-up ... I'm not sure about this but the Sprint tech I was on the phone with may have done something with my account on the Sprint computers before I performed the profile update which renewed the connection. If the profile update you try on your own doesn't work, you should definitely contact Sprint.
  10. Kataclysmic

    Kataclysmic Member

    I've noticed that all of a sudden I'm having problems losing my data connection at random times. I haven't installed any apps for at least the last 24 hours, but have dropped data connection 3 times. When I go in to my settings, it's showing as still connected so I just disconnect and then reconnect and no problems. I'm not sure if it's worth calling Sprint about or not.
  11. A_Guy

    A_Guy Newbie

    This happens to me at least two or three times a day..I don't really worry much about it because it takes less than 10 seconds to turn the mobile network on and off. A little annoying though :p
  12. Droidone

    Droidone Android Enthusiast

    THis does not have to do with installing apps. This is a bug in the software like mentioned above. Sprint is well aware of this because I mentioned it to them and they mentioned turning the mobile network on and off. I have been having this problem on and off. Especially when the phone is sleeping the whole night and I try to use data in the morning. This is a big issue and I hope a fix is on the way.
  13. top magoo

    top magoo Newbie

    i experienced this a few times when i reset the radio type (gsm to cdma). i rebooted a few times and it seems to be much better now.

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