Help Losing icons

Just a quick question.
I keep losing icons on my home page menu bar. Usually it's the calendar or text messages icon. I have 5 in the row and more and more often i lose one of them. Yesterday this happened twice and have to go and put them back. Any idea why this is happening and howi can prevent this?


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Are you using a cleaner app? When I run Clean Master, my clock/weather app will disappear until I reboot since it deletes the temp files.


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I have noticed sometimes when an app is updated to a newer version, it will remove the older version, including the shortcut icon. I don't think I have seen it with the stock messaging app but I guess it is possible.

That doesn't really help as far as a solution, so you might try a different launcher and see if that improves anything.

You could also set the offending apps to update manually. Then you can go in and do the update and restore the icon at your convenience.


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When I shut off and turn back on, I get 2 email icons or 2 text message icons. Some would randomly disappear, so I haven't figured out which update or what ever is causing this. I do know that it started happening about the time HANGOUTS was added or updated. I want to delete it, but can't. Or can I? I checked on the apps manager and when I click uninstall, Hangouts doesn't have that little minus (-) sign to uninstall.