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Loss of internet/data problem

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by TheRobster, Sep 22, 2011.

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    HI Guys.
    I am getting on well now with my SGS2, apart from battery life which I am trying to resolve! But I have noticed a couple of times now that I have lost data? connection. Let me explain:-

    I leave my phone switched on & on charge overnight so I can use the alarm.(with wi-fi off, sounds off so I can still receive sms & mail but not get woken!)
    This morning at 03:30, I woke up & unplugged the charger & went to work.
    Once at work, I tried to log on to facebook & twitter but could get no response/connection. I assumed this was because I was in a poor reception area. I tried again half hour later but same again.
    (during this the notification bar showed 3g/E/H).

    I then put the phone in flight mode for an hour (I work on the underground, & I am trying this to conserve battery power). On coming out of flight mode, still the same lack of response.
    I went through this cycle again, and still no change. I did manage to send myself a test sms, so that was good, dont know about calls, as noone called me!

    I do not think it had anything to do with flight mode as the phone was not connecting first thing this morning, before I had even tried flight mode (which,btw, did seem to improve battery life)

    Same again on my way home, so I decided to switch off the phone & back on again. This seemes to have cured the problem, as I could get internet pages (FB/twitter/apps market) straight away. I then received an email which was sent to me 2 hours earlier.

    Is this a common/known problem with the SGS2? or have I just been unfortunate?
    And, if it is known, is there a cure/fix?

    Any help would be great as I dont want to have to restart my phone everytime this happens.



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