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Loss of Internet

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by KevinM, May 30, 2010.

  1. KevinM

    KevinM Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Lately I have noticed that when I go to use the web browser on my droid the browser hangs and I get a page cannot be viewed message. I always assumed it was the browser as the vpn to work is still connected. I recently downloaded weather bug and have noticed that when I can't view a web page I also loose all weather access. (vpn still shows connected) If I shut down my phone and restart it things work great.

    Anyone else find this?
    any suggestions?

    It is annonying having to restart the phone 2-6 X a day. :(


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  2. jc82

    jc82 Newbie

    Same here. Very annoying....I think it started around the time I got the 2.1 update. 3g comes and goes when in one spot when where it used to be fine.
  3. Nissan1973

    Nissan1973 Member

    Just put it in Airplane mode and take it out of it, much faster than restarting your phone. Cheer!
  4. jc82

    jc82 Newbie

    Yes I do that (airplane mode) and get 3g back and 3 or 4 bars and then lose my signal again
  5. kratos

    kratos Back on my throne!!!
    VIP Member

    Try a *228 PRL update (option 2 I believe). That usually works for most connection issues.


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