This was the first Fontella Bass tune I heard:

It might be a good idea if from here on this thread is hijacked to be used whenever a good musician dies, instead of creating a new thread each time. I'll start with the next post...
Virtuoso guitarist Bob Brozman died a week and a half ago. One of the best slide guitarists I have ever seen/heard. Met him most times I saw him play, and he was a complete gentleman.


That's all well and good but pretty soon the forum will be full of short threads for dead musicians. It'd be easy enough to search the thread for posts regarding your favourite dead muso. The fewer threads in a forum the better in my experience.
RIP Ray Manzarek of the Doors...

Oh no :( That's such sad news, I am a big fan of The Doors. I also have a strange connection to them, in that the song "Hello I Love You" is about my grandmother. Jim Morrison was continually asking her for a date and she wasn't having any of it :p
I recall reading a post about it in the TTD death pool thread at the den. If you join the traders den, you can not only get some good audience recordings but keeping up with music news becomes easier.