Lost Contacts with OTA 2.1?

I lost most of my contacts with the OTA 2.1 upgrade. Some have resynced from Facebook and Gmail, but a great deal of them are still missing including numbers I didnt have synced to FB or Gmail.
The numbers are still associated with text messages in messaging app and Handcent, but all contact info has been lost on most of them.

Is there any way to get my lost contacts back or are they gone forever?


First, I would go into options > account sync > 'sync now'
that might fix it.

If they were not in google contacts or facebook, then the only way to get them back is to manually enter them. Perhaps you should set up all contacts to sync from now on.


I downloaded an app that creates a .csv file of my contacts and I just loaded the file into google and everything works. My google account wasn't loading all my numbers so I had to go that route.