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Lost files? Me too, but I got'm back. Here's how.

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Bretimus, Nov 6, 2010.

  1. Bretimus

    Bretimus Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Sup guys, I occasionally lurk here checking for some solutions to a few problems... however, recently I didn't see anything about my latest situation on these forums. This may be old news to a lot of you, but maybe it'll help someone.

    Anyways... story time.

    I work for a corporate VZW... We got our test Galaxy Tab unit in a little while back, and as you can imagine, I was psyched. It's pretty nice I'd say... hopefully it'll be a little more polished by launch date... although I'm afraid I might be hoping too much. It's a little glitchy and our unit had a malfunctioning camera and the browser had a good bit of lag.

    ...Anyways, I wanted to check out some video, but our test unit had no video available on the SD disc. I just happened to have a ton of it on my SD card in my DX. A quick battery pull and I popped that bad boy in. A media scanner popped up on the Galaxy Tab and I waited. I had a weird feeling, and a few minutes later I opened the gallery. No pictures. I opened every conceivable application and even went into the file browser searching for my videos.

    Nothing. Nada. Zip.

    Damn... Oh well... Must be a bug... So I popped my card out and put it back in my DX... Rebooted... and suddenly realized that the Galaxy Tab had wiped my card clean (except for my .mp3s for whatever reason).

    The thing is, I take a TON of pictures... and backup occasionally... but as things go I still lost a LOT of pictures and videos I really wanted...

    Luckily... as I discovered accidentally about a week later... any corrupt file on android gets put into that handy LOST.DIR folder on your MicroSD disc. I could see the thumbnails in the file browser on my droid X, I guessed and a quick batch rename of the file extension got me the vast majority of my lost files back. I still have a lot of files in here that aren't showing up after a quick rename. I've tried .jpg and .3gp... I can't really think of anything else to try. Any ideas as to what else they could be?

    It also uninstalled a few apps I'm assuming were on my SD card.... games mostly. I lost all my progress in Angry Birds dammit.

    tl;dr -> Lost files? check LOST.DIR and rename.

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  2. bigbadwulff

    bigbadwulff Android Expert

    So, how do you get to that file? In English ;)
  3. Airmaxx23

    Airmaxx23 Android Expert

    It's just a folder on your SDcard.
  4. colchiro

    colchiro Extreme Android User

    Copy those goofy files to your pc and open with a text editor. Sometimes you'll see some clues in that file that might tell you it's text or compressed (like a zip file).
  5. SpongeyOne

    SpongeyOne Lurker

    I wish that was my problem and that your "fix" worked for me.

    I've read many posts regarding others specifically losing pictures in the stock Gallery folder. After multiple, one software / config change per loss experiments (yes, I am a scientist), I've narrowed the issue down to the loss being associated connecting to a computer via usb cable. I've gone 4 weeks without connecting to a computer to transfer files and no loss of pictures results. The very next time I connect via usb, all my picture (Gallery, camera roll,etc.) disappear when I go to browser/ add pictures. Opening the lost.dir folder reveals no files. Multiple wireless FTP connections and transfers don't result in a loss of files over a 3 week period (seperate experiment). This issue is very reproducable for many people. I was wondering, as a corporate VZW dude, do you have any info / insight you care to share with the android community at large.

    ninja edit: I've always used the Windows safely remove drive "eject" feature when disconnecting the phone from the computer. I've even tried installing an Android usb unmount app and using ejecting both on the computer and the phone to no avail. Not a corruption issue of the sd card. I've done full wipes (before and after OTA 2.2), sd card re-formating, and still issue loss of files occurs.

    Thanks in advance.
  6. Airmaxx23

    Airmaxx23 Android Expert

    My lost.dir folder is empty also and I lost roughly 15 pictures after connecting through the USB cable. I also "safely remove hardware" every time I'm done.
  7. Bretimus

    Bretimus Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I sincerely wish this was the case. To be honest, I am quite low on the totem pole. Despite this, I am typically much more informed on new products than even some of the higher ups I know (unless they just don't let on... doubt it tho). The internet seems to be the best source of info and troubleshooting I am aware of. Typically, if you are having an issue with your phone and take it to a store, if a hard reset doesn't fix it, you're getting a new unit or a refurb.

    My guess is that it would cost the company more time and money to train all the techs to do real troubleshooting with every single model (especially with the amount of new products that come through the doors) than it would to just replace the few units that are defective.

    I know it's frustrating, but that's just the tech industry for ya. However, believe you me, if I happen to come across any helpful info, it's all yours.

    edit for side note:
    The more I play with the galaxy tab, the more I like it and the more polished it seems. I am beginning to think that the "new" aspect of it threw me off a bit. I've now had a few full days with it and love it a little more each time. It could be that I've learned my way around the few quirks, but I find myself picking it up instead of my phone anytime I have a free moment. Apps are much more rewarding with more screen real estate. We got Tango (video calling) up and running and even on VZW 3G it's pretty slick. I'll be experimenting with DLNA streaming soon. I'm pretty psyched.
  8. jmill75

    jmill75 Member

    download recuva on your pc, hook phone to it and magically everything comes back. i recovered 232 pics
  9. NPR

    NPR Lurker

    I have lost an entire camera roll while transferring them via USB cable from Moto G to pc. I've researched and researched this and have found no remedies. This thread is close. "Recuva" will not work on Moto G bc its an internal memory issue (Moto G has no bay to add memory). The phone has been offline while attempting to restore the camera roll so constant updating will not write over where photos used to be.

    Some background on what might have contributed (I know, I know, I should have known better but shouldn't the photos still be on the phone?) :
    1) Smilebox kept retreiving the photos I was grabbing off the phone and since I never use Smilebox, I uninstalled it. There was no reboot after uninstalling since I had many more photos to transfer and was in the midst of doing so.
    2) While transferring home pc asked if I wanted to sync pc and phone while I was transferring. I said yes bc I thought it might be easier. I have read where this was a poor decision on my part, to sync while individually transferring the photos.. if that's true then Windows (7) and Motorola should not issue this internal request to the user who is manuaaly transferring the photos.

    I transferred around 35 photos when suddenly the other 60 photos dissappeared. I do not know if 1 or 2 above caused the camera roll to dissappear, or if this is a gliche that would have occured without my actions. I am at a loss what to do now. I have double checked sync and neither pc nor Moto G completed the sync process (they both do not recognize the other).

    I could not find help at Motorola.com though I may have missed something ( their help has not been thorough imo).

    Suggestions greatly appreciated since photos were my children that I had not seen for eight years.
    #9 NPR, Dec 10, 2014
    Last edited: Dec 10, 2014
  10. Manasa002

    Manasa002 Lurker

    I'm freaking out. This has happened a lot n so I'm worried if something's wrong with my new phone. All I did was, create a new folder as "Hai" (it's a movie's name), rename folder from "Hai" to "Hai (2002)", after moving n renaming 5 mp4 files of various sizes into it. Also in my phone, Micromax Canvas 5 E481, while renaming, even the file type appears in rename box (image). Now have I lost those mp4 files because of renaming the folder using brackets? I know that dot operator hides away the file, but are brackets also special operator? And as you can see in the image I've uploaded, I've installed a few, what's been claimed as "software" in internet, yet to try if it works out..

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