Lost Google contacts


This is the second time that I've lost my contacts from my phone, just POOF! disappeared.

I managed to get my phone contacts back by syncing with Outlook, but now all my Google contacts are gone.

Help please! I don't understand why this phone seems to have a mind of its own sometimes.


Check six!
I've never had this issue. Do your contacts still show in Google Mail's contacts list? If so.....

In the "People" app, select Menu, View and ensure that Google is checked.

Menu-Settings-Data synchronisation-Google, select Contacts and they will be sync'd immediately from your Google account.
Optionally check Auto-sync to do this automatically whenever changes are made.


So 3 years with Android and I just lost everything AGAIN! F^*$k You Google. I don't care about the apps but can't I have my contacts left alone? Stop messing with my contacts!!!!! I sync everything to the cloud and what do I get?