Help Lost picture (files)

recently at random when I take pictures with my desire Z some pictures wont show up in the normal picture gallery because they landed in a entirely different folder. Has anyone else experienced this? I thought I was losing my mind...because I would go back after taking some pictures and look...and some shots that I was positive that i took were not in the gallery.....I eventually found them in the file/mnt/sdcard/DCIM/ this the default folder for the camera?...if so, I can


Check six!
The /DCIM folder is the default path for digital cameras storing their images, so that part is perfectly normal. What may be causing problems is the fact that Android only scans for new media at bootup or when a memory card is mounted. That can cause the symptoms you describe. Iirc this was largely addressed by HTC with a firmware update - have you checked to see if such an update is available for your device?


Thanks for the prompt reply SLUG,:)
According to HTC, there are no system updates available....

Androoid 2.2.1

but even when I reboot, (restart) this does not help the problem.:mad:


The same thing happens to me. It's been months since the gallery updated itself, it even happens with other apps like whatsapp. It recently fixed itself by me just taking a picture. But I don't know how long this will last for. I suggest just mailing HTC. I've emailed them a few times with general problems and stuff, they are pretty good at mailing back within a few days.


I fixed this problem simply by downloading a new app..."quickpic" great, miles ahead of the default viewer and I haven't lost a picture since.