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Lost pictures as backed up to sd card, but not all !!! sony experia z2

Discussion in 'Android Help' started by bodgeandscarper, Mar 26, 2016.

  1. bodgeandscarper

    Thread Starter

    I have backed up my photos to my sd card and now I can not find them on my phone or when plugged into the computer.
    Instead of pictures it comes up with a black envelope looking tab.
    I have downloaded
    file manager
    photo studio

    when i go into sd card in all these apps its says can not open this file
    I have plugged in the phone to the usb and it does not find any of the files

    Stuck and fed up I have looked on loads of sites and no answer, why is this such a nitemare !!!!

    I have also added google photos to try and see if this will find them while saving them

    any advice would be much appreciated

  2. bodgeandscarper

    Thread Starter

    Spent a lot of today trying to find the solution I have found the pictures they have been sent to a folder on the sd card - screenshots. They seem to a png file I have then linked the phone to the laptop and try to open them in paint and convert them to a jpg ............. still nothing.

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