Root Lost Root Access on My Phone



I first rooted my phone with captain throwback's method so my hboot is at revolutionary with s-off 6.16.1002.

But somehow i lost root privilage, i wanted to flash a different ROM and somehow messed things up. I am now currently using Gingerbread 2.3.3, i was using cyanogenmod9 4.0.4

I want to gain root acess again so i can flash and try out all the custom roms i feel like but i don't know how, when i select recovery from bootloader i get the red triangle with the exclamation mark.

What can i do, please help. The only other thing i can think of is unrooting my phone then doing everything over again. But i know i must be missing something can anyone help me with this?


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Sounds like you lost your recovery somehow.
What tipped you off that you lost root somehow?--the recovery screen?
Can you use rooted apps such as Titanium Backup?
We can try to have you flash a recovery....I link it in a minute or 2 or work now:)

Edit: found it.

PC36IMG method
this will depend on what software version you are on.

if you have software version 4.67.651.1 download this

if you have software version 5.07.651.1 download this file: the PC36IMG for your software version above.
2.rename the file so that it is only PC36IMG. make sure that you do not add any extra .zip's to the name as windows hides extensions by default.
3.transfer the file to the root (that means not in any folder) of the sd card.
4.power off (you most likely need to uncheck fastboot. settings/apps/uncheck fastboot.) then press and hold power+vol down.
5.hboot should see the file and select yes to update. no to reboot because we want to go into recovery and make a nandroid backup. recovery. backup and restore and select backup
9. select the first three and wimax. the other partitions do not need to be backed up. always keep one nandroid backup with wimax keys backed up on your computer. you can reboot.
11.using a file manager of some sort or even through your computer via usb, you should rename or delete the PC36IMG file on your card. otherwise you will be asked to update every time you go to the hboot screen. you do not need that file any more.