Lost root access when i reflashed checkrom v6 and siyah kernel

I just got finished re flashing Checkrom v6 and Siyah kernel after using the ROMnuke and gswiper scripts, unfortunately i did not reboot in between the the rom and kernel flash. Needless to say i discovered i lost root access. I am now faced with 2 problems, i cannot find a cf root for Siyah 2.6 and my computer was damaged my 2 year old son and will not start. Could someone point me in the direction of a cf root for my kernel and is their a way to root without using a computer? Any help will be much appreciated. Thanx


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It's never a good idea to flash a kernel just after flashing a new rom. Some kernels come with auto rooting, some so not. Boot up with the bundled kernel next time, then flash the kernel of your choice.

There is no software that could be run on your phone to root, as it would require root access to be able to do so in the first place! It's odin or nothing to do this I'm afraid. Once rooted you can use mobile Odin to flash other kernels, modems roms etc if you require.

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Ok thanks for the advice. One more question if i may. I did a nandroid backup right before i flashed the rom and kernel. If i do a nandroid restore from my last point will i get my root access back along with my old rom and kernel settings?


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Whatever state your phone was in at the time you performed the backup is what you will get when you restore. It's basically a complete snapshot of your phone.....almost:
Only the modem will not get saved, so if you change modems between backup and restore you will still have the last one you installed