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lots 'o' electronic toys

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by reznorfan0, Dec 29, 2009.

  1. reznorfan0

    reznorfan0 Member
    Thread Starter

    Greetings all. I, believe it or not, am somewhat of a geek. (Please, please, do not be shocked). And as such i have a proud collection of small electronic gizmos that I like to carry around with me pretty much wherever I go.

    In the extremely off chance that maybe a few other patrons of this site might also be somewhat geeky, I would like to know if anybody knows of a good transportation solution for carrying around all this cool stuff. (cameras, pmp, droiiiid, dsi, mini camcorder, kids phones, an occasional book or two.....). The main problem comes with the need to carry cables for all the toys and keep everything nice and seperated in it's right place.

    I can't seem to find an ideal bag, satchel, or whatever you would want to call it, and was hoping somebody here has found a solution to this problem.


  2. nonie3234

    nonie3234 Member

    Ah! You must be my brother (or sister?) - I have a very similar situation. My solution was the Timbuk2 bag. Lots of pockets, and they come in several sizes. I have one size for Monday through Friday when I need to carry the laptop, and a smaller size for the weekend when I don't.

    Here is the official site: Timbuk2 Bags - Timbuk2
    But I got mine really cheap at TJ Maxx.

    Check out some more options:
    timbuk2 - Google Product Search
  3. Eugene

    Eugene Android Expert

    I've not found an perfect solution myself either.

    One thing I do is standardize as much as possible. Any devices that can run from AA's or AAA's I choose those over lithum ion based. For example, our small pocket camera a canon 1100IS uses 2AA's, big camera a canon s3is uses 4 AA's, Garmin GPS is a legend HCx which uses 2AA's, the kids each have a vtech kidzoom which both used 4AA's, scanner and two way radios all use AA's, leapeter 2 uses 4AA's. Reason for this is I can carry one box of spare AA's rather than 6-10 chargers that would be needed for the lithium ion based cameras, gps, radios, etc. Then I carry one small charger a maha c401fs with its 120v and 12v car adapter so if we need a charge we have it and one biug charger a maha c9000 at home. Both out cell phones are microUSB so we can have one car adapter and charger for both.
    This cuts down greatly on the number of cables.

    Each person has their own travel bag, wife has a nice big purse looking one, I have an old school backpack, kids each a small backpack. I carry the maha and spare AA's in mine, wife and I may take our netbooks and their power suplies in each of our bags as well as our small cameras. I have the gps, radios, scanner all in mine. kids each have their cameras and some smaller toys in theirs. I have a small plastic box that holds 24 Sanyo Eneloops for spares and then buy one of those 36 packs of energizer AA's that home depot sells for $13 for spare spares or for the rare device that doesn't like rechargeables.

    Standardizing a bit has helped, I only need to carry two cables, one mini usb for things like the digicams and gps, one micro for the phones then the wall charged from the droid since its basically a 5v usb spec power supply, either usb cable can plug into it to provide usb power.
  4. Eugene

    Eugene Android Expert

    That company looks like they have similar products to maxpedition.
    Companies like Eagle Creek also make travel gear, I have one of thier toiletry bags, works well now with my growing family, I store all my stuff like that in the bag hanging in my closet and just carry the whole thing in the bathroom and hang on the towel rack then carry it back to my closet. Then whenever we go anywhere just fold it up and go, its always ready. My goal is to be able to take off with almost no notice, kids get up early on a sat morning and the weather will be nice, we grab our gear and go spend the weekend someplace.
  5. IOWA

    IOWA Mr. Logic Pants

    I just use a small backpack I keep in the car lol
  6. Eugene

    Eugene Android Expert

    Thats all I have now, my backpack is an Eastpack, so old its made in the USA, from before everything started being made in China.
    There are lots of bags to choose from, for example here are some reviews
    gear bag ? The Gadgeteer

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