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Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by monarchmarc, Nov 2, 2009.

  1. monarchmarc

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    Oct 30, 2009

    Oct 30, 2009
    hi all!

    I have had my andy android for about a week now, i love him. he's my new boyfriend

    heaps of random stuff to discuss. would seperate it out but i am lazy and disorganized.

    Storage. supports up to 16g? I obviously want a card with high write/read speeds since the phone has very little storage on board. . . it came bundled with 8g which i thought was very nice of them, but 16g would be even better am i mistaken in thinking the sdhc or whatever it is they use for video storage has faster read/write speeds. If so is the magic compatible?

    Battery Life, I'm finding it a struggle to get a days worth of casual browsing out of it, with a few phone calls and sms. Is this typical?

    Multimedia play back. I was underwhelmed with built in gallery. i added meridian from the market and i've found it to be very nice, it allows you to sort a bit more and the interface is quite intuitive and easy on the eye. The widget that comes bundled with it is nice also.

    Opera Mini is quite good too. I wasn't thrilled with the built in browser because i've also an iphone (myPhone) and double tap to zoom was a nice feature i missed. Opera has this but it doesn't feel quite as nice (the way you enter an address one handed for example requires a few more clicks than is necessary) I've also found it doesn't load my internet banking pin pad (one of those ones where they scramble the number order every visit).

    I'd say i've been using them equally, both good in different ways. Would it be possible to install firefox by stealth somehow or would it need to be an official app?

    aContacts is very good, i prefer it over built in contacts. . .I liked SyncMyPix, which imported facebook profile pics into my contacts, very fun, and you can

    Handcent SMS is a nice alternative also, if only for it's skinning/theme-ness. I haven't found an option in settings on the handset or in any apps to have the conversations list only the messages sent (would be good to keep an eye on quota's) or received. Any suggestions for alternatives appreciated.

    Compare Everywhere, My Space, Shazam and tunewiki all are pretty functional and fun. I also liked Movie Finder.

    Can anyone suggest a tool to help me with syncing. I've read someone had some success with media monkey, which i can remember using quite a few years ago. I found it great for batch renaming files to a specific format. Any info on media monkey and how it might be
    possible to sync with Andy would be appreciated.

    Vodaphone Australia sent me an update to 1.6 right over the air which i thought was pretty cool. (I assume, but didn't check, from 1.5) Are these Donut, and cupcake, respectively? I'm rather excited by the possibility of voice directed gps in 2.0, do we collectively think there's a no reason to doubt an update to 2.0 for us?

    Lot's of randomness, congratulations if you tuned into some or all, if so please shoot me a message about all or any of the above. Love to hear your thoughts




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