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lots of problems after ICS upgrade SGH-I727R

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by toyotawarrior, Aug 16, 2012.

  1. toyotawarrior

    toyotawarrior Lurker
    Thread Starter

    First off, i have the samsung galaxy S2 LTE (SGH-I727R) from rogers (canada) wich originaly came with the gingerbread OS. usualy the first thing i do with every electronic device is check for the latest firmware updates. so i fired up kies and it said theres an update, when it started updateing the firmware i got an error and im stuck in the odin (with the yellow triangle) screen telling me to reconnect to kies for an emergency firmware recovery, but now kies wouldnt detect/connect to my phone anymore. eventualy after alot of reading i found an "official" ICS firmware upgrade on that sammobile site and managed to install it useing that odin program by k0nane (after 3 or 4 times of failing it finaly passed). So now it sort of works and its officialy on ICS, however it doesnt detect my sim card anymore, WI-FI is sketchy and works sometimes if i turn it off or restart my phone and when i try to add contacts, the screen freezes and i get some kind of error saying contacts has unexpectedly stopped(or something like that). also i made sure to do a factory reset after the upgrade. Obviously i am not happy about this at all, i turned a perfectly good phone into a buggy piece of garbage. what can i do to fix this phone? i also downloaded the stock GB firmware from sammobile and have been thinking about trying to re-install this useing that odin program but is this really going to bring me back to the exact same phone i got from rogers out of the box?

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  2. toyotawarrior

    toyotawarrior Lurker
    Thread Starter

    well, if anyone is interested in knowing how things turned out, i returned the phone and got a brand new replacement for free. and what do i get straight out of the box? android 4.0.4 (ICS right???) a perfectly updated and working samsung galaxy s2 LTE (also known as skyrocket in the USA, yes i realise im probly in the wrong forum now) seriously rogers needs to get their shit together selling phones with random OS's installed. so what have i learned from all this? rogers is the worst cell phone company in the world and IF IT AINT BROKE DONT FIX IT!!!
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  3. jaliy

    jaliy Android Expert

    roger is suppose to give u updates if ur phone is locked to rogers, u r not suppose to update on ur own. it's ur fault that u messed up ur phone
  4. toyotawarrior

    toyotawarrior Lurker
    Thread Starter

    by useing a program that came preloaded with the phone, its my fault for opening it and accepting the update? thanks for your divine wisdom jaliy :congrats:
  5. Fulcrum29

    Fulcrum29 Lurker

    So how's the new one working out for ya? I updated my Rogers S2LTE from GB to ICS and now it randomly freezes/crashes. I'm currently working on a solution
  6. antonio107

    antonio107 Member

    Flashed a custom ICS rom for this phone, back in July. It mostly works. Clipboard doesn't work anymore, and the phone takes a few minutes to find the internet when I leave a wi-fi hotspot, to get back to 4G.

    Now I want Jellybean! :D
  7. antonio107

    antonio107 Member

    No, I asked moderators before. You're in the right place. :)

    If you find any i727 ROMS, they should work on your i727r without any difficulty. You're just not going to have [del]worthless bloatware[/del] those wonderful stock Rogers Apps, hahaha...
  8. LesDrive

    LesDrive Newbie

    I found this particularly curious... thru Kies, the upgrade for ICS its a guess work but once the phone is a brick and you send it back to Rogers, you`ll get it back 2 weeks later upgraded to ICS and working perfectly!

    Friend of mine tried the same upgrade with his Motorola RAZR and it crashed... sent it to Rogers, they fixed it and upgraded it to ICS and work perfect. Couple of days ago tried the update to ICS thru Kies and the download "froze" as it reached 100% download status. It did that as many time as I tried and eventualy I just gave up.

    After all this, I think I`ll stay with GB 2.3.5 - work just fine for me. Maybe I revisit this download issue next year - hopefuly by then they fix whatever issues they have.

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