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Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by tbeaner79, Aug 14, 2010.

  1. tbeaner79

    tbeaner79 Lurker
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    i bought moto droids for my bf and i a few months ago. i'm kinda techy but not quite enough to get frustrated with some things on my droid.

    what is rooting? i hear people talk about it but have NO idea what it means.

    is there a way to get 2.2 on my phone without breaking my warranty/insurance plan??

    how do i elimate gmail/gcalendar from my life and sync my calendar and contacts directly with outlook? if i can't get rid of gmail/gcalendar, how can i integrate outlook into the equation?

    what is a good, reliable email app???

    thanks a million in advance!!

  2. jdsingle

    jdsingle Android Expert

    Rooting gives you administrator privileges on this OS just like you have on Windows.

    You can follow the sticky at the top of this thread to do a manual update which will not void your warranty. They are currently pushing the OTA updates out and should be finished by the 18th so you might as well wait a few days unless you're super anxious for Froyo.

    Do a search, I know there is something that syncs with outlook. You can't delete either app unless you root your phone (which voids your warranty if you brick it)

    Hope this helps!

  3. adostrom

    adostrom Member

    I think It's actually best not to eliminate Gmail/Gcalendar from your life -- they're the link between Outlook and your phone. I found that the easiest and most reliable way for me to make the connection was through a product called Companionlink. Some people use a tool called "the missing sync" which runs on the phone, but I think this way works better for me. It's installed on my PC and automatically syncs all my Outlook data with the Google apps, they automatically sync with my phone, and like magic, it all works, bi-directionally... If I edit a contact or an appointment on my phone, in Outlook (or even in the Google apps, which I don't use), it all just works.

    I use K-9 mail on my phone, as do many, many others. It's free, and a really great product. I have my own domain, and fetch e-mail directly from the POP3 server my ISP provides, both to my phone and to Outlook, in parallel, so that's transparent, too. The only thing that's missing is that moving mail among folders on my phone isn't reproduced in Outlook, which I could implement by upgrading to IMAP as my email server and keeping the mail there. If you are using MS-Exchange as your mail server you'll need to connect to that; I know that it works, but I have not connected an android phone to Exchange, yet.

    I hope this helps.

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